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About Us

We launched Swagger Box because we really enjoy using quality products which really work and are kind to the environment during their manufacturing process. 

Its not always easy finding a good range of products from one source - as swaggerbox expands its product range, we hope to become that one stop shop for all your quality/premium quality goods and your 'not so easy to find' monthly consumables.

It makes sense - buying from one source saves on delivery costs, transaction costs and reduces your product's 'carbon footprint'

We have intentionally kept it simple with an emphasis on premium quality - local brands. Although our brand offerings will evolve over time as more and more independent, quality brands come to market, we always make certain our brands are up there with the best, do not harm the environment or are not cruel to animals during their manufacturing process.

Subscribing makes it just that much more easier and we really do make it worth while. 

Swaggerbox deals with manufacturers or their appointed distributers (only) - we know the market for fake goods really does affect the fragrance industry and thus do not deal with unlicensed sources - our promise to you is that you're buying a legitimate product exactly as you'd expect. Beware of cheap products online. 

If you're not happy with any purchase and it's not used - i.e. in a condition where all parties are in a position to be indemnified, we will refund without any hassle or fuss - the same applies to becoming a subscriber, we give you full control and you can cancel at anytime.  

Enjoy your shopping with us and keep an eye on our range!