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Subscription Boxes - what are the advantages?

Subscription Boxes - what are the advantages?

What are the Advantages of Subscription Boxes?

'Perks' related to subscription boxes include:

  1. As with many subscription boxes, the items you receive each month are bespoke and could be based on your particular needs and preferences. This could be a major draw card for people who have trouble finding what they like in stores, or who just don’t enjoy shopping. Many people, knowing the items were chosen just for them increases the excitement related to opening their subscription box. 
  2. Having items delivered automatically every 4 to 6 weeks saves on shopping time and time spent in traffic, the cost of fuel, parking etc. By 2025 75% of all consumers in the UK will be signed up to one or more subscription box service suppliers. 
  3. Having product shipped to you in a subscription box is often cheaper than buying each of those items separately. Subscription box services translate to bigger savings over time than shopping for individual items at the shops or online. 

What are the Disadvantages of Subscription Boxes?

Certain subscription box offerings could offer drawbacks. The most obvious one is that as with most services, you don’t get to choose the items you receive. You get the thrill of looking forward to a surprise package, but when you open it, the surprise isn’t always a pleasant one. You could find yourself stuck with a bunch of stuff you don’t actually want, and not enough of the stuff you need.

Swagger Box keeps it simple - what you see in our boxes is exactly what you get - and we allow you to manage your box delivery schedule according to your usage - it's such a simple process and once set, is designed to really add value to your essential daily routine. 

The idea is to retain the convenience of your subscription, certain subscription services for example may send you sunscreen, but what you really need is deodorant, you have to go to the store for it. You don’t save any shopping time, and you have to pay for the deodorant on top of what you’ve already paid for your subscription.

Swagger Box has a range of products which you can add to your subscription box as individual items - slotting these in with your monthly box saves you on additional shipping costs and retains the core value related to subscription boxes in the first place!

Other identified problems with certain subscription services include:

  1. In the past, overbuying was a problem, here at Swagger Box, you are able to manage your subscription to exactly match your consumption
  2. Unclear Value - certain subscription boxes and indeed some 'wild west' traders online are not clear on the value they offer, initially, the deal looks fantastic but once you've gone through the checkout process, you feel robbed! Swagger Box charges you the exact price you see on the box - no shipping on subscription boxes and no hidden costs.
  3. Problems with returns - we keep it simple: if you are not happy with your box, you have 14 days to return it. So long as your content products have not been opened or damaged, we'll refund you your money.
  4. Some subscription services make it difficult to quit - here at Swagger Box, it's our business to add value to your essential daily routine - if you feel we're not adding that value, we'd hate to loose you but we'll certainly not try and keep you - our cancellation process is one simple click away.

How do I know whether a Subscription Box Is a Good Deal for me or not?

With such a huge variety of subscription boxes out there, it’s impossible to say that they’re always a good deal, or that they never are. You have to look at a specific box – its contents, rules, and cost – to decide whether it’s a good value for you personally.


Determine Good Deal Subscription Box

Final Word

The best way to add it up is - will your subscription service add value to your lifestyle - do you enjoy shopping and mixing it up with your other monthly tasks? you prefer staying away from overcrowded streets at the weekend and hitting the mountain bike track.....or indulging in your favourite hobby instead?

Swagger Box's value add is to give you back some of your time and to get you a good range of premium products regularly at reasonable prices. 

Swagger Box puts together a range of subscription boxes aimed at keeping your shelves stocked with good quality products - easily. Once you have selected your box according to your budget and your subscription service is setup, it can be managed according to your usage requirements - once setup, you can forget about it and its really simple to manage!

Check them out:




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