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Men's skin care - sun damaged skin and dark spots

Men's skin care - sun damaged skin and dark spots

I've always spent time outdoors - often in harsh, sunny conditions and I thought my skin could handle almost anything thrown at it.....I was wrong and now I have hyper-pigmentation (dark patches) on parts of my face and forearms. 

There are loads of products and treatments out there for woman - all of which promise to deal with hyper-pigmentation effectively - in reality very few of them really work - and those that do often have secondary effects or use pretty harsh chemicals or processes you'd not want to use on your worst enemy.....

The situation is even worse for men when it comes to looking for a product that really works.

Reasons are many - but most guys would rather simply put up with the dark marks or sun damaged skin.

This results in a fairly niche market for Company's considering the development of a product specifically for men.

Yes, there are a few products out there and some do contain quality ingredients - but these active ingredients are often only added in percentages well below what is required in order for the ingredient to be effective.

The idea is to get rid of hyper-pigmentation safely......not to cover it up - and the only way to do that is to reduce it's appearance over time using a combination of ingredients which are clinically proven to work together.

Products containing the right combination of ingredients at the right percentages for men is not an easy procurement proposition - especially if they are to be safe and contain natural, cruelty free ingredients.

I found it an interesting subject and wanted to know more - here's what I found:

Alpha Arbutin is found in mulberries (and other natural sources) and in its purest form is a powerful tyrosinase inhibitor. Tyrosinase catalyses the production of melanin and other pigments which appear over time as dark marks/patches. This ingredient is a powerful all natural hyper-pigmentation inhibitor and is a 'must have' ingredient - but it only really makes sense at the correct percentage. If used correctly, Alpha Arbutin will work with your skins natural cycles over time and reduce or eliminate hyper-pigmentation.

Importantly, Alpha Arbutin does not stop future damage - this is why another powerful natural ingredient found in red grapes and red wine is needed:

Resveratrol is a potent anti-oxidant and it's beneficial interaction at the cellular level is still being fully understood - but it's an amazing anti-oxidant and perfect for keeping those dark patches away for good. It's also a 100% natural anti-ageing ingredient which has the potential to reverse skin damage and other ageing effects - again, it is critical that this ingredient is included into any formulation at the right percentage.

So if you're looking for an effective product - keep an eye out for these 'must have' highly effective natural ingredients - both are very expensive in their purest form and should equate to at least 4% of the total product's ingredients by weight.

Other natural ingredients compliment what would make a highly effective formulation and we'll cover these in future articles. 

If you can't find what you're looking for, let us know by dropping us an email here:

Should sufficient demand exist, Swagger Box may release an EU certified, bespoke formulation specifically for our clients in the future. 

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