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Jack Black's multi-purpose daily facial cleanser review

Jack Black's multi-purpose daily facial cleanser review

Jack Black Daily Facial Cleanser Review

Check out this product which has become a daily staple  – The Jack Black Pure Clean Daily Facial Cleanser with Aloe and Sage Leaf.

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About the brand
Jack Black was started in 2000 in Texas, USA. They specialise in men’s skincare, hair care, shaving and fragrance products. The company pride themselves on producing high quality, effective products that are fragrance, colorant and cruelty free, as well as being dermatologically tested which is a big plus if you’ve got sensitive skin.

The Product
Jack Black Daily Facial Cleanser combines a unique formula that acts as a 2-in-1 facial cleanser and toner. The aim of this cleanser is to release and remove dirt and oil and leave the skin feeling clear and smooth. I’ve never seen a 2-in-1 cleanser and toner in a product before so I was keen to test it out and see what the results were.

The main ingredients in this cleanser are aloe and sage. Aloe features in a lot of skincare products, and is widely used to help soothe irritated skin and reduce redness as well as assist with a number of skin conditions including sun burn. This is however, the first time that I have seen sage leaf featured in a cleanser. In fact, the only time that I’ve seen sage used was in the kitchen! In combination with lavender extract, rosemary leaf oil and chamomile flower oil, the formula makes for a mild and soothing cleanser with antibacterial properties which may assist with controlling breakouts.

Witch Hazel also features and due it’s astringent properties acts as the toning ingredient in this product. It’s widely used for it properties to help reduce acne and skin blemishes, and it widely founds in a range of both men’s and women’s toners and it’s highly likely that you’ve come across it in one of your products.

This cleanser is also part of what Jack Black calls it’s “PureScience” product range meaning that it is:
– Fragrance free, paraben free and colorant free
– Cruelty and vegan free
– Dematologically tested
– Packaged in a way to minimise unnecessary packaging materials
– Contain certified organic ingredients (In the case of this cleanser, the certified organic ingredients include lavender extract, sage leaf extract and aloe lead juice)

I was really surprised to see that they’ve put the effort and time to make sure their products uphold a high standard and and it’d be nice to see this level of detail in creating a product become the norm in both men’s and women’s skincare.

This cleanser comes in a tube style container with a flip top lid. As the lid acts as a stand, the design is both functional and easy to use if you like to stand your skincare up in the bathroom. And if you’re like me and keep some of your products on a rack in your shower, you can be sure that water won’t seep into your product potentially ruining it.

The packaging is also suitable for travel (packed in the suitcase if checked in of course!) however due to size of the product (177ml), I would suggest creating your own travel pack and putting some of this cleanser into a small plastic container.

Initial Use
Upon initial use of the cleanser, I found the cleanser to easily mix with a bit of water. I used the recommended “5 cent sized” amount of product which seemed to be more than enough for one face wash. While there’s no sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) or sodium laureth sulphate (SLES) in the cleanser, it does include sodium olefin sultanate, which is used as the foaming agent in the mix. The result is a very light foaming consistency when water and lather is added to the cleanser, so if you’re looking for a low foam face wash then I’d consider this face wash as an option.

As this product is purely a cleanser and toner, there are no exfoliants in the product. Adding to this, the composition of the ingredients means that there’s no tingling sensation when using the cleanser or after washing it off your face.

The first thing I noticed as I applied the cleanser to my face was the scent which I have become addicted to. If you’re a fan of products that smell great like Aesop, then you’ll likely be a fan of this cleanser. Being fragrance and colour free, it was really surprising to be able to smell all of the ingredient extracts and oils that have been carefully selected and combined into this product and know that they’re not just “filler” fragrances that have been added at the end of the production process.

After washing and rinsing the cleanser off my face, I found that my skin was not dried out which is a challenge that I’ve had with some other cleansers in the past. The oil on my skin disappeared and my face felt smooth and matte, ready for a fresh layer of moisturiser.

Extended Use
After a few months of consistent use, I’ve found that this cleanser has helped control the level of oil that my skin produces during the day. My skin tends to be combination to oily in the warmer months and slightly dryer in the winter months, and I’ve found this cleanser to be suitable in both scenarios.

Despite this being a 2-in-1 cleanser and toner, I still choose to use a toner on my face after I shower, especially if I’ve been exercising or feel like my skin needs that extra level of care. I can definitely see why Jack Black have gone for a 2-in-1 product. I don’t imagine most guys would purchase a toner so combining the two is a smart selling point. And if you’re travelling or on the go, using this cleanser/toner with a simple moisturiser after would be more than sufficient for a basic skin routine.

I can see this cleanser being a great for someone who is looking for a no fuss product that does the job.

The Final Word
Whether you’ve washed your for years or you’re looking for your first cleanser, I’d highly recommend trying out this product. It’s a mild daily cleanser that smells great and will suit most skin types. I’m looking forward to exploring more Jack Black products in the future and seeing what their range has to offer.

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