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Game Changer by Sknhead - some background to the product

Game Changer by Sknhead - some background to the product

What would you say is the hero product of the Sknhead range?

I love all the products in the Skinhead range, but the hero product has got to be Game Changer. The others took a long process to get right, but Game Changer took five years. It’s extremely difficult to get a product that’s a moisturiser, a tattoo balm, a blow dry product and a finishing product all in one. I was even told by industry greats that it’s impossible. Well it’s possible now – I’ve done it!

Game Changer can tap into so many markets. It’s a great for holidays, too, because it’s got that coconut summer feel to it. Every luxury brand has a hero product that carries the range and Sknhead’s is definitely Game Changer. While all my products carry themselves, this is an industry first. I truly believe that I’ve created something that’s never been done before, so I’m extremely proud of Game Changer.

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